Four things to consider when you print your wedding invitations on your own inkjet or laser printer

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Wedding invitations can be expensive. The daughter longingly looks to the father for approval in ordering the more expensive announcement in the catalog. In turn, the father of the bride has a smile on his face but inside his head he’s adding the growing costs of this special event for the daughter he adores.

Fortunately, the desires of both can be met. The bride is able to order the invitation she wants and the father can save a few dollars.

More companies are now offering high quality printable wedding invitations kits available to the retail market. There was a time when only commercial printing companies had access to the blank wedding paper used for invitations.

If you decide to print your own, here are four points to consider when using blank wedding paper.

1) Your printer – It is important to use a newer laser or inkjet printer with a resolution of 300 dpi or better. Since most invitation stock is heavier paper, you need be sure that your printer can handle this type of paper without curling or jamming. If your printer has a front load paper tray, it may cause the paper to curl tightly around the drum or feeder rollers. The best option is to have a manual feed path in which the paper can pass straight through.

2) The paper – First, if your invitation paper has a high gloss, the ink from your inkjet printer will take much longer to dry as it sits on top of the shine and doesn’t soak into the paper. Second, be careful with paper that has die cut designs. Make sure the paper has a straight edge to feed into your printer. If not, the rollers will not pull the paper in evenly and your frustration will grow as each sheet of paper jams. Also, keep in mind the larger and heavier the paper, the more postage will cost.

3) Last minute additions and changes – When ordering your invitations from a commercial printer, it is recommended you order an additional 25 sheets to cover the names you forgot to add to your address list initially. But when you do your wedding invitations yourself you have the ability to add people to your list as you go. In addition, commercial printers need plenty of lead time to complete your order, so if it becomes necessary to make a change on your invitations, such as a change in location, you will have to place a whole new order. However, when you print your own, you are able to make changes right up to the last moment before you start.

4) Personalizing your invitations – Printed place cards with your guest’s name on the tables at your breakfast or dinner will look much classier than to hand write their names on generic cards. You even have to option to use a mail-merge tool to individualize each invitation with your guest’s name. A commercial printer could do this for you but it would be extremely expensive.

When you print your wedding invitations yourself, you have the luxury of having exactly what you want, when you want it, and all for a much lower cost. It really is rather easy to do and you have the satisfaction that you did it yourself.

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Julia Brown has been a wedding invitation consultant for 18 years. Her website provides advice on proper etiquette and wording suggestions, as well as a variety of printable wedding invitations kits and templates for the do-it-yourself bride.

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Designer Wedding Dresses

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Fashion is a fickle thing. Styles come and go all these years. But a great tradition that has helped create a huge industry in America. Even as the total number of marriages continues to decline, with revenues for the bridal industry reached a record level. How is this possible? Because the cost of marriage have doubled over the last twenty years!

Getting around two million American couples married each year. The average price for a traditional wedding ceremony is about $ 25,000. Unsurprisingly, more and more couples choose traditional ceremonies. The outdoor wedding, for example, can save thousands of couples dollars.

Why is the modern wedding so expensive? It all began in 1840. This was the Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in a royal wedding complete, which set the tone for future generations. Instead of simple ceremonies, western brides love the pomp and grandeur of the so-called white wedding.

White weddings were and continue to prepare for issues involving designer dresses, exotic flowers and ornamental animals. It features all-day events include a ceremony in a church and a reception at a fancy restaurant. The price for the average modern white wedding approaching $ 30,000.

As the cost of marriage continue to grow, the couple explore other options. The beach and the backyard wedding is incredibly popular these days. One element that brides-to-be refuses to compromise on, however, is the dress. They spend more than a thousand dollars for wedding, although consistent with a more casual ceremony.

Shops Suite have helped reduce the price a little, but most brides-to-be refuses to walk down the aisle to something less than ideal dress them. This is something the average person can not understand. Sexual stereotypes aside, most women invest a huge amount of energy to find the perfect dress. In fact, general stores starting on their wedding a year before the big day.


The latest trend in fashion wedding for the bride’s shift away from white. No, brides do not wear blue or red. But avoid pure white shades, and compliment most skin tones. Off-white colors such as champagne and ivory has become increasingly popular in recent years. Pure white is still at the top shade, but certainly not the only one available in local bridal shops and salons.


The classic white wedding dress was a painstaking, floor-length number with a heavy train. But because more and more ceremonies held outside these days, make the most popular dresses is not sweeping the floor. Length Tea and ballerina length dress is now more often than full-length dresses. These dresses are hemlines that fall around your ankles.


Heavy brocade dresses look good on the way down the aisle, but it is difficult dancing in. Not only do they weigh 10-15 pounds with the train but do not breathe well, so many traditional brides buy a second, lighter dress to wear at the reception. The average price of these dresses are receiving about $ 500. Buying a smaller, lighter bridal dress can eliminate the need for another dress.

Heavy materials like satin, silk and velvet are common with traditional costumes. As mentioned, these materials are certainly impressive, but can not breathe well. Lightweight fabrics like silk and China douppioni is much more comfortable. They can be worn all day.


The two most expensive and essential accessories for the bride-to-be shoes and veil. Prepare veil is quite common for indoor ceremonies. But for more casual, outdoor cases during the summer months, less veiled de rigueur. The most popular short game called Blush. This is a lightweight component that touches the shoulders and can be swept back by a stiff breeze. For indoor ceremonies, the flyaway veil is a multi-layered veil that touches their shoulders. It’s a little more extensive than the blush without being uncomfortable or annoying.

Shorter dresses gives brides-to-be to add some interesting accessories. A high leg back, for example, can be decorated with beads, lace or embroidery. This is an easy and inexpensive way to spice up a rather simple walking or dress outdoors.

Another fashion accessory, which is quite popular with younger brides wear leg. Beach brides often wear white socks, fishnet, when walking down the sandy aisle. Many people also choose to go barefoot and wear bones. It all comes down to personal taste and style preferences.


Although still considered risky placing traditional brides wearing strapless dresses in church, unconventional brides wear all the time. Outdoor ceremonies in the grass or sand during the summer months generally requires a short, strapless numbers.

Finding the right wedding dress takes patience and time. The bride-to-be should start shopping for a dress at least nine months before the big day. Spend some time finding your perfect wedding dress now.

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Wedding Planning is Best Left to the Professionals

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When planning any type of party, but most especially a wedding, look on line for events rentals in Edmonton. There are supplies for all types of events including tents if needed. The tents are large enough to accommodate any size wedding dinner, and come included with a wooden dance floor. All sorts of wedding supplies can be rented, but the best idea is to find a wedding rental service in Edmonton who will help you to plan what you want and then set the whole tent plus tables and completely matching table cloths and also provide the complete table settings that you need. There are event planners on line who will send you a brochure to give you ideas and then sit down with you to plan whatever you want. The beauty of this is that you can have your outdoor wedding, including the chairs for the service and tables inside any location. You can have the colors you have chosen for your wedding in you reception, and charger plates can also be included.

Better yet, choose an events rental service that will coordinate everything you need, from the vendors to the centerpieces. Any personal touches that are wanted can be included with care. They will also help to create a complete time line for any special day, and will also include the rehearsal dinner if needed.. They will put everything in place, and when your party is over, they will take everything down and leave the place, whether it is an outdoor venue with a tent or inside a ballroom, completely clean and as it was before.

The tents can also be equipped with heaters in case it is colder than expected for the guests comfort. The tents also come with windows. They are well lit and each table may also have candles if that is what the bride and groom wish.

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River City Event Rentals is known for its ability to fulfill your needs for wedding, tent, or event rentals in Edmonton. (

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Why Should only Straight People Suffer?

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Same-sex marriage became legal in South Africa on 30 November 2006 when the Civil Unions Bill was enacted after having been passed by the SA Parliament earlier that month. South Africa became the 5th country, and the 1st in Africa, to legalize same-sex marriage. Now this was a historic occasion for me and my boyfriend of 8 years as we decided to tie-the-knot, and share in the marital bliss of our heterosexual counter parts. Being true homosexuals we decided to do everything in reverse, as we are just fagalicious in that way.

With all marriages you have to endure 5 events before you end up being husband & husband. There is the engagement party, the bachelor’s party, the wedding ceremony, the reception and the honeymoon and usually in that order. Well, at least that’s traditionally how straight people do it. Being gay and this “marriage thing” being very new to us we approached it unconventionally. Now, I don’t hate weddings I just have a strong aversion to the administrative, planning and production side to them. I also don’t see the purpose of some of the traditions and grand order of how a marriage should be consummated. So when we decided that we were going to get married there was only 1 demand from my side – No Wedding Ceremony & No Church! This came as a big disappointment to my husband who like all gay boys dreamed of his perfect fairy tale wedding. After some pouting and negotiation we came to a compromise. We were going to only have a reception for a few of our closest friends, and all the planning and wedding drama was squarely put on my husband’s competent shoulders, and I was happy to just pay my share of the bills.

We decided to skip the engagement party and go on our honeymoon first. We spend the most fantastic 10 days in Egypt. Had cocktails on the Nile, rode Arabian horses in the desert, sun bathed and snorkeled in the red sea. I am aware that the choice of country to celebrate our pending wedlock was a bit strange, it being a Muslim country where homosexuality is illegal and you can get a jail sentence if caught. I must admit we were a bit cautious about being affectionate with each other in public there, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves or the country. We ended our final evening in Egypt skinny dipping in the red sea, which I highly recommend! On the flight back I proposed to my husband that we become members of the mile high club, but the flight being Egypt Air he wisely declined my offer, so we are not members yet.

Returning from our honeymoon we broke the news of our pending marriage to friends and family. Some were overjoyed others confused. Questions arose about changing of our surnames: My husband and I share the same name and initials. If we were to have changed our surnames to a double barrel surname, sorting mail would have become a huge issue. So for this obvious reason and for professional purposes we kept our respective surnames. A few weeks after same sex marriage was officially legalized we went to a minister’s office with 2 witnesses. In a 30 minute unofficial ceremony we were married. It was simple, uncomplicated and emotional. Receiving that unpretentious piece of paper, legally recognizing our commitment to each other filled me with an indescribable sense of pride for my country and love for my husband. Finally our relationship of 8 years was official and legal!

A month later we had our reception. We booked out an entire section of our favorite restaurant. We had 20 fabulous guests (Actually 21 because 1 guest was pregnant at the time). It was a fun filled evening with laughter, champagne and off course amazing gifts. With our reception we successfully completed the marriage cycle, skipping a few events and doing things in reverse. Looking back on our unconventional wedding almost 3 years ago, I still get a smile on face and I am still in love with my old ball & chain. I am one lucky bastard!

Many people speculated that giving gay people the right to marry would ruin society, degrade the sanctity of marriage and make divorce lawyers millions. God forbid that gay people can actually get married, adopt children and stay married and be happy! The legalization of gay marriage in South Africa has not ruined society; yes there have been a few divorces in the mean time but as far as I know the divorce rate is still much higher amongst heterosexuals.

My wish for the rest of the world is to follow the example of South Africa and allow all GLBT people to get married.

After all why should only straight people have to suffer marriage?

Till next time!

About the Author

“The delightful and dreary sides of gay life. The views and experiences of a thirty something guy trying to navigate his way through life. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always entertaining.”

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Invitations for a Garden Themed Wedding

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Choosing your wedding invitations is definitely an important aspect of your wedding planning. Your invites act as the first impression for guests when it comes to your big day. If you are having a garden theme, your invitations should reflect that theme and shouldn’t be something that doesn’t fit in with your theme. Here are some ideas for invitations for a garden themed wedding.

The first idea is a picture of a secret garden as the background of the invitation. This can be an actual photograph or it can be a painting or drawing. If you are using a photograph, just be sure that it is dimmed enough so that people can properly read the print on the invitation over the photo. A cute idea may be having the photo in a black and white scale and then having the font color being in the color of your wedding. This adds some extra special interest to the invite.

Another simple idea is to have your favorite flowers on the invitation. There are so many ways that you can do this. You can have a bouquet of flowers in the corner of the card or you can have a border of flowers around the card. To get a good idea of what this may look like, check out some of the different online stores that sell wedding invitations and it may just inspire your perfect flower invitation.

If you want to go really simply, you can always print your wedding invitation on a lightly colored piece of cardstock such as a light tan or off white color. Then use a piece of fabric that goes along with your wedding theme to tie the card. You can then make a paper tissue flower or even a butterfly and glue it to the ribbon on the knot part of it. This is a simple way to dress up a very plain invitation for a garden themed wedding.

You don’t have to stick to flowers when it comes to a garden theme. You can also have butterflies, birds, trees, and even a river on your invitation. It all depends on your personal style and what exactly you are going for with your theme. There are lots of cute ideas with two birds for weddings as well as butterflies being the major theme of the big day. Narrow down your garden theme to something more specific and use that on your invitation.

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Looking for more garden wedding invitations? Head over to Backyard Wedding Ideas to check out some of the latest wedding invitations for your perfect garden wedding.

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The Art of “No”

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by Maureen Thomson of Lyssabeth’s Wedding Officiants

I chose to tell a family member “no” this week. I felt we had to, for this person (as much as we adore her) requested of me something that–after much soul-searching and introspection–I felt we couldn’t do. At least, not without making a huge amount of adjustments to my life and I decided I wasn’t up to that challenge. Come to think of it, I didn’t exactly say no, but I offered a scaled-back alternative as a compromise. But yeah, I guess I did say no to the original request, so it counts as a no, no?

Business owners are used to hearing no. About half of the brides and grooms who inquire about our officiating services in effect tell me no when they don’t book us. That’s okay; the fact that we’re a good fit for 50% of those who do inquire is excellent. However, this does make me comfortable with hearing no.

It undoubtedly makes me better at saying no, as well, although doing so is seldom easy. Sometimes I have to tell brides no when they ask me to do things that in all good conscience I can’t do–like cut my price without scaling back the level of service. Saying yes to that request would devalue what I do and therefore who I am.

So, yeah; I’m well-acquainted with no. No is a word that brides should learn to say more. In fact I think “The Art of Saying No” should be a required course for all couples as soon as he slips the engagement ring on her finger. If brides said no more often, then planning a wedding might be a helluva lot more fun. Imagine yourself offering a polite but assertive no to the following:

  • the wedding industrial complex who says that your wedding must be just so
  • your work colleagues who are expecting an invitation
  • the wedding vendor who attempts to get you to stretch your budget beyond your comfort level
  • the guest who wants to bring a date to the wedding (not that she has a boyfriend, mind you, but she’ll dredge one up for the occasion)
  • your cousin from out of town who asks to crash at your place for the wedding weekend because he can’t afford a hotel (and he wouldn’t miss your wedding for the world!)
  • your helpful Aunt Margaret who offers her “wedding planning” services so you can save the expense of a professional (after all, she’s raised three kids–how hard can coordinating a few vendors be?)

If any of the above situations hit close to home, or you just need a backbone in general, here are some tips from a self-proclaimed quasi-expert on saying no.

Be prepared to say no. Anticipate and practice. Yes–do try this at home. When it comes to weddings, people with opinions come out of the woodwork like cockroaches in a New York City tenement. Resolve to not be a doormat and rehearse your response ahead of time.

When confronted with the request, buy yourself some time. Sometimes you have to process your thoughts before responding. Don’t answer right away. Use any of the following: “I’ll get back to you,” “I need to think about it,” “I’m rushing out the door, but I’ll call you back,” “I have to discuss it with my fiancé(e).” (Note this last one is a trick you can use for years if you master it well. I use the “I need to discuss it with my husband” every time I need to buy time–even if I know my husband won’t give a rip about my decision. He uses it in reverse. It’s very effective. One of the many perks of being married.)

But on the flip side of the above, do not elicit the opinion of everyone and their brother on the subject. Talk it over with your fiancé(e) if need be, but then address the request and move on. Do not make drama and suck everyone into the vortex of this issue.

Realize that how the recipient of the no responds to said no is neither your problem nor under your control. Your job is to carefully consider the request and to respond kindly, being as tactfully candid as possible. Beyond that, you’re off the hook.

Offer alternatives or a compromise if appropriate and if within your comfort level. This only works if something comes to mind right away. Don’t spend hours agonizing over how you could offer a compromise just so the recipient of the no doesn’t get mad at you.

If you have trouble saying no, consider what I call the Future Resentment Factor. The FRF is the amount of pissedoffedness you are going to feel at the requester and toward yourself when you are smack dab in the middle of the consequence brought about by not saying no. Whenever I take the time to calculate the FRF, I realize the amount of angst I’ll feel then is a drop in the bucket compared to the fleeting angst of saying no. A high FRF convinces me to say no every time.

Realize it’s not personal, and express this to the person to whom you are telling no. “It’s got nothing to do with you personally, we just have to stay within our budget.” “It’s not about you, it’s just that we agreed that we’d plan the wedding without asking family to help.” “Don’t take it personally, we turned down So-and-So for the same request.”

Recognize the value of the Little White Lie. All of the statements in the last paragraph could be LWLs. As long as your LWLs are undetectable and you’re not implicating anyone, go for it. If it preserve familial harmony, it’s forgivable.

Don’t take an inordinately long time to respond no. Yes, take time to think about your response, but don’t make the other person hang on for days or weeks waiting for your answer. That’s going to add fuel to the fire that you don’t need.

Most important, never apologize for saying no. Apologies are for when you do something wrong or intentionally hurtful to another. Saying no is not something for which you have to express remorse. Convey empathy with the person’s situation but do not ask forgiveness for your no. This puts you into the vulnerable position of being cajoled into turning no into yes.

And bear in mind that giving yourself permission to say no in no way condones you turning into a Bridezilla. Saying no to a request that you honestly feel you cannot (or do not wish to) grant is way different than the “it’s my wedding, so everyone else be damned” attitude adopted by some. Saying no is about setting healthy boundaries, not trampling over the boundaries of everyone in your path.

And if, after all of these tips, you still can’t say no? Send ‘em to me. Apparently, I’m quite good at it. (And it’s always easier to say no on someone else’s behalf.)

About the Author

Maureen Thomson is a wedding officiant and is the owner of Lyssabeth’s Wedding Officiants and writes a popular blog about all things wedding related. Visit her websites at: Lyssabeth’s Western Slope Wedding Officiants , Lyssabeth’s blog and DIY Wedding Ceremony E-kit

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Engagement Ideas: Monogrammed Gifts For Customized Touch

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As per the dictionary, monogram means a graphic symbol made up of 2 or even more letters joined together (usually your initials) printed on stationery or padded on clothes. So in most basic sense, these gift ideas are personalized as outlined by your passions to touch the receiver’s heart. You know, just what is customized has more importance because it helps it be much more unique and original. In addition, that’s exactly why this is famous among engagement gift ideas as the gifts will reflect them as a couple and how you as the giver recognize them personally at the same time. Some of the most wanted or top sellers for monogrammed gifts are jewelry, photo frames, card slots, key chains, memo pads, and even pill boxes. Certainly, these items are thought much handy when compared to previous gift ideas shown during the last post but then both are giving personalised touches which are “still” the very best parts.

So to make this deciding upon experience more intriguing, although you may already know the couple as a couple, you still have to research on the things that are highly wonderful to them which can play as monogram to the useful item you’re going to get. This implies aside from having their names embroidered, you can either engrave their anniversary dates, get their funniest or cheesiest photos selected or the quote that most closely fits them as lifetime partners. Likewise, it may depend on how the couple’s lifestyle is. The more exact and the more they depict the items, the better.

Jewelry – monogrammed jewelry is so far the most intimate gift for her. Customized items to engrave her initials include bracelets, sassy and sentimental necklaces and cuff links. Photo frames – while photos always continue to be alive as time passes, it’s another best gift to give to any engaged couple. For men you should go for customized silver ones and for women, the crafty ones with more details are appropriate choice. Compact Mirrors – this is just as before for her as women are highly associated with being clean and delightful continually. You might put three words like “Live, Laugh and Love” at the front cover of the mirror to always help remind her that life is great in her hands.

Card slots – these can be both for him or her particularly if they’re in the corporate or business world together. Engraving a fantastic quotation is perfect to let them look at it wherever they go. Pill boxes – this obviously best fits her too if she’s taking pills. This tends to pretty fit her fashion on the go as well in order to avoid forgetting a few days. Silver, patterned and enameled ones are awesome designs.

Key chains – can be both for him or her but may fit him better. Put words high maintenance to get him cautiously going. Memo pads – having a to-do list is super powerful for a busy groom and bride-to-be. This puts them to be ready wherever they go and whatever plan they’re in. Monograms similar to To-Do or My Planner can do the job well done. Feel free to share your thoughts and enjoy your search!

About the Author

You don’t have to struggle thinking of best engagement gift ideas anymore. On this blog, you’ll find lots of tips on engagement gift ideas for him or her that will best fit the engagement celebration.

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Follow in The Happy Couple’s Footsteps on a London Walking Tour

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The Royal Wedding is one of the classiest events which people are looking forward. They will be getting married on Friday, April 29. Preparations have been started and the couple has chosen Westminster Abbey as the location for their wedding. Those who are planning a trip to London can enjoy an exciting walking tour of the Royal wedding for which you have to pay a price. You can follow the footsteps of the happy couple on a London walking tour.

While you are travelling to London, get your bookings done at any of the London hotels located closely to the Royal wedding venue so that it becomes easy for the travellers to enjoy the entire royal ceremony of the wedding. The tour also includes the route which the bride Kate Middleton will travel to reach Westminster Abbey. The newly weds will then return to Buckingham Palace followed by a procession along a route including: Parliament Square, Whitehall, Horse Guards Parade and The Mall.

The couple’s romance has captured everyone’s attention and their soon to be held wedding has become an apple to everyone’s eye. Now, its time to explore various hotspots in the capital city frequented by Prince William and Kate Middleton and even their royal ancestors.

Itinerary of the Walking Tour:
At this fabulous walking tour, you will get to see various royal haunts including both the present and the past ones.
• The birthplace of Queen Elizabeth II

• Garrard – This is luxury jewellery and a silver company which was founded in London in the year 1735 by George Wickes. This Crown jeweller prepares quiet precious and expensive jewellery.

• Mahiki – This is a well known and a famous nightclub especially among the young royals. Here you can step into the world of tropical cocktail creations. This London bar manages to keep up in high spirits on both cocktail list and a fun food menu.

• John Lobb Bootmaker – This Company manufactures and retails an exclusive and luxury brand of shoes mainly for men, however women shoes and boots are also manufactured here. People from the Royal family including Prince Charles, William, the Queen and Harry, all have their shoes made from here. These shoes made are quiet exclusive as special care is taken to select the fine leather skins all of top quality and range.

• Buckingham Palace – This we all know is a royal residence since 1837

• Westminster Abbey – This has been chosen as the venue for the coming Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

About the Author

Mery Cox is an associate editor of a website which offers
London Hotels. The travelers can pick from a varied range of UK hotels too at

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Preserving the Wedding Memories with Scrapbooks

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Producing scrapbooks is not only about making great creations out of your treasured pictures. It is also about keeping the memories held by those images. But of course, the attractive designs of scrapbooks do make looking at those pictures enjoyable and a real journey down the memory lane; so, might as well do the best out of scrapbooking. How? Consider the information below.

Before spending your time and effort on doing designs, invest on the “life” of your scrapbooks first: captions. To make preservation of memories with scrapbooks more meaningful, you have to write captions in each image. Write the date the picture was taken, the occasion or event, the name of the person or names of the persons in the picture, and, more importantly, a short note that best describes the picture. Make not a formal description for each image, but rather a wacky one to make reading more pleasurable.

If you think insertion of captions in the pictures is already a hard task, buy ready-to-use scrapbooks in book stores and gift shops to make scrapbooking easier the next step. But, if you like more personalized scrapbooks, go buy sketch pads, notebooks or any similar item. Because this will require your creativity, be ready for it.

Next thing you will do is to shop for scrapbook accessories, also in book stores and gift shops or, again, you can make your own. You can use different colors of ribbons, papers, paper clips, crayons, and any material you think you can use as decorations. Again, your creativity is required here so be prepared.

Organize your pictures by grouping them according to occasions or events. Or, you may opt to do scrapbooks according to friends (for instance, high school friends has a different scrapbook from your college friends), immediate family, relatives, and, relationships (boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband). To become unique, have an extra page after each group of pictures. On these extra pages, make people write personal notes about the images where they are included.

Because you have been familiar with your decorations and captions, you may not be able to appreciate them fully. What you will do is to keep them first and open them weeks or months later. It is only then that you will realize the beauty of your scrapbooks. It is only then that you will realize how you have preserved your memories out of these scrapbooks. But, if you like an instant feedback, ask a friend or a sibling to look for the scrapbooks and express his or her first impression.

Young people today are engage in making scrapbooks rather than buying photo albums. So, do not think twice. Get out of your way to choose the pictures that you will include in your scrapbooks and to buy materials that you will use to make them. No amount of money can equal the amount of enjoyment you will feel once you have successfully made these scrapbooks. You will also feel the pride in you because you will be able to preserve your memories properly and with pure beauty.

About the Author

Harrison Fray is a an expert at various types of wedding and relationship issues. He can help you to pick out the best in groomsmen gift with unique style. Harrison can definitely help you with chooising the proper cool groomsmen gifts also. Stop by Engraved Gift Creations to see what Harrison recommends.

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A Special Homemade Bridal Shower Invitation

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When you are looking for different wedding invitation ideas, you will not doubt come across the idea of the homemade bridal shower invitation. While some people may think this is elementary and a little hokey, with the right touches you can make a homemade bridal shower invitation the best invitation anyone has ever received.

Creativity is Key

If you are looking into making a homemade bridal shower invitation instead of using store bought invitations, you will want to come up with something that people have never seen before in a homemade bridal shower invitation. This is where you will need to come up with a theme for your party.

You can make it anything that you like-a Vegas gambling theme, a beach party theme, or even a theme that celebrates the old tradition of exchanging recipes. All of these ideas will work in order to give yourself room to make the perfect homemade bridal shower invitation.

In order to choose the theme for your homemade bridal shower invitation, you will want to first think about the bride-to-be. What would she like? What are some of her favorite activities? This will help you narrow down the theme of your invitations and shower. And once you have your theme, you can get rolling on the invitations.

Remember that the homemade bridal shower invitation that you come up with doesn’t all have to rest on your shoulders. You can get the help of all your guests. Take for instance the recipe exchange theme. You can send out an invitation that looks like a recipe written on an index card, and also include another index card for someone to write their special recipes on.

Have the guests bring these recipes and you can easily have a fun recipe exchange, letting everyone go home with a recipe that is not their own. You can also turn this into an inexpensive present for the bride, by providing her with all these recipes to cook for her new husband.

You can come up with great ideas like this and so much more when you want to get started on a homemade bridal shower invitation. Remember that this is the bride’s special celebration, so make sure that the theme is something she would love. As the bridesmaids or maid of honor, you will know just what the bride needs in order to feel like a queen for the day, even before her wedding day.

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